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Universitas Padjadjaran By Raafi Nurlistiani

The thought of data analysis has been content analysis, that was done by heading through the phases of data collection, creating transcripts of the data, deter­mining the unit meaning, summarizing and organizing the data, performing data abs­traction, identifying variables and the relationship between variables quali­tatively, and drawing a conclusion. The researcher used conformability test which was done by presenting various data obtained at the time of the study. The re­sults of the study showed that the students with the highest and the lowest aca­demic achievement showed a combination of visual, auditory, and kinesthetic with variations. Full Text Obtainable Agricultural insurance will be an insurance within agriculture sector that will is relatively recently introduced in Philippines.

Contract price rate also offers significant impact in order to the fluctuation associated with sales of farming product by fifty four, 73%. Fruits is among the most vulnerable commodity which will be influenced by contract price rate changes, accompanied by rice, and veggies in the final.

The reulsts showed that using replacement cost method (RCM the economic value (EV of paddy fields and uplands were Rp. 55. 4 million and Rp. 9. 9 million/ha/year. Repectively. The EV of paddy career fields contained environmental providers (71. 4% in addition to marketable products (18. 6%. It implies that farmers got provied cost-free ecological services for the modern society. The community’s information on multifunctionality regarding agriculture according to meeting ws still minimal. Around 66% regarding respondents recognized simply one to a couple of agricultural multifunctionality factors. Full Text Accessible In this paper we discuss a mathematical model of maintenance policy for certain type of agricultural equipments. It is assumed that the equipments are repairable and sold with two-dimensional warranty, i. e. a warranty with two scales of limit, such as the age of the equipment and the usage of the equipment. As an example in the case of automobile, the warranty is end whenever age typically the automobile reaches a few years or their mileage reaches 55. 000 km, no matter which occurs first. Whole Text Available This specific study was was executed to capture the openness to change regarding the “X” University or college as an corporation regarding to typically the vision is turning into a world school university. Full Text message Available The goal of this analysis is to realize evaluating policy around cooperation in Times presenting university plus make ideal file format of cooperation, study method using descriptive approach, research is organized as inductive study is searching plus collecting existing information field with try to know factors, form-elements, and a characteristic of phenomena. Information analysis through 4 stages of information processing, data demonstration, and withdrawal.

prospek kerja teknologi industri pertanian

Full Text Obtainable Abstract SCADA will be a combination regarding telemetry and info acquisition. SCADA beginning through accumulating several information and go back back to centre controlling, it is usually employing every analysis in addition to necessary control by means of PID control method as a command parameter to SCADA input data method in this analysis. In designing PID control system that is needed typically the arrangement of G, I and Deb parameter to be able to obtain output signal program to particular insight system that has modified to necessity. The particular research was applied on Water Therapy Plant in Bogor Agricultural University in Cihideung’s area area. The NTU rating as a beginning operational data will be necessary like a bench mark in PAC dose application which often is obtained coming from the samples regarding morning and evening raw water in addition to dose proportion is usually 75% for 14kgs PAC combined with 2 hundred Litre water within just 30 NTU since the maximal remedy. The result regarding research indicated of which the variety regarding percentages value inside PAC dose program delivered the edge in operating regarding clean water control installation particularly with regard to PAC needed.

Yap? Nusantara University is usually one of typically the universities that is usually aware of the significance of book as major knowledge media inside the learning process. Looking at books and posting the results could be a significant resource to execute maintenance on information and accelerate typically the learning process. A new problem that takes place in Bina Nusantara University is zero application to accomplish Publication Reviews. You can find simply no tools that help discussion between guide reviewer and guide review reader. Growing number of employees and academicians because a result associated with UNNES’s popularity getting a favourite college in Indonesia offers demanded more services to support the learning process, student actions and campus procedures. Optimum extent should be prevented to help ecological function within campus areas. This particular research is conducted in order to determine the ideal areas of required campus’s forest centered on CO2 emissions in the UNNES area in Sekaran sub-district.

Only growers who get the best added associated with fresh vegetables, fruit for regional and imported items of local celebrities such as lovers and market dealers get the nearly all added value as compared to nonlocal actors involved. From the above descriptions can be drawn with the impact of the market chain of agricultural commodities trading activities in the Projo Market terfasilitasinya local merchants to sell at the market and value-added Projo received from local traders is quite big compared to nonlocal actors commodity chain of vegetables and fruits. With local traders in the Market terfasilitasinya Projo, it is necessary to the arrangement and the addition of market capacity because the capacity exceeds the capacity of market traders, especially the morning market. Projo market as needed to absorb typically the local market dealers and local individuals income will surge gradually to Industry Projo may benefit typically the surrounding community.

 ABSTRACT Segara Anakan is a lagoon which has unique characteristics different from other swamp lands in Indonesia. Its characteristics include seasonal fluctuation of fresh water river and sea water, rapid river sedimentation, narrowing water area, forming and changing river channels, and decreasing forest area. These types of conditions require a good agriculture development technique suitable for that will area. Based upon its characteristics, the particular area could be classified into development areas for fishpond, wetland, dry land, yearly crop, and preservation. This area needs actions to manage the sedimentation procedure for maintaining the coastal belt plus mangrove forest. 1 of the concentrate from the research group is always to develop the particular Molina EV Coach that is planned in order to replace the present functional bus at UI so that it can be more environmental friendly. With UI developing facilities for the disabled, the Molina research team planned to make a fresh prototype from the Molina EV Bus in order to contribute to the particular facilities developed with regard to the disabled.

Since 2004, Universitas Indonesia has waived the entry tuition regarding the new pupil of Regular Plan as UI’s coverage to allocate typically the cost of admittance tuition fee coming from BOPTN funds attained from the Ministry of Education in addition to Culture of Dalam negri. In academic yr 2015/2016, excellent students of regular program were charged only Biaya Operasional Pendidikan-Berkeadilan (BOP-B) paid per semester based on the ability of the parent of student as the responsible person.