Faye TooGood's textile doodles turn into summary carpets

Most doodles aren’t made exterior of a sketchbook or cocktail serviette, however the carpet mats cc-carpet model provides life to Faye Toogood's in a set of summary rugs. The British designer invited cc-tapis in her universe to find her private creations of "doodles" in textile. Within the house of 1 yr, the corporate has perfected six carpet motifs illustrating its pictorial and summary aesthetics and rightly named them Doodle. Summary shapes mingle with darkish, linear particulars and a watercolor-like texture that leads to life-size artwork collages for the flooring or partitions of your private home.

The Doodles assortment is hand-knotted in Nepal with Himalayan wool by Tibetan artisans who use 40 colours individually tinted to shave every carpet. The distinctive texture consists of thick, skinny, hand-cut yarns to create various heights and easy to easy stacks.

Set up Images by Omar Sartor.

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