Case Studyo and Felipe Pantone give a brand new impetus to the spectrum of coloration

What appears to be essentially the most stunning vertical turntable is definitely a kinetic sculpture made by the Argentinean-Spanish artist Felipe Pantone for the collaborator and artwork provider Studyo Case. The Pantone collection 'Subtractive Variability' rotates three color-printed acrylic discs to 'exhibit chromatic phenomena', a fluid visible illustration of the artist's exploration of the ephemeral.

Case Studyo says:

On this case, the automated rotation of three acrylic discs creates sudden coloration formations on the level the place the piece can flip right into a hue that represents the absence of coloration, a shade of black. The sculpture randomly explores the spectrum of colours and the complete vary of feelings evoked by every nuance. The elegant mechanics in movement captures the encompassing gentle. This version produces putting and ever-changing outcomes, encouraging the viewer to embrace change and discover magnificence in evolution.

Measurement 28 x 30 x 6 cm
Version of 100 + 10 PA
COA signed and numbered
Silk screened customized field

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